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SoJana X BYtoriola

We all love a good collaboration especially when its with beautiful people. We managed to catch up with Jana (@So_Jana) who is a part time model and vlogger (may we add this girl is too funny, we suggest you have a watch after this read, link can be found below), we have also been fortunate to have worked with Jana on a few projects and hope to have her represent our brand long term (she's doesn't know that yet, so shhhh). Read what happened when we caught up with her.

How would you describe your brand? Modelling is my brand and my ultimate goal would be to become a well known established fashion model regardless of my height and to avoid today's societies definition of an ideal 'model' (Instragram model). I'd like to be seen as more than that.

How did it start? From the time I was in nursery back in Lithuania my mum used to take me to a modelling school, but at that age I didn't find it interesting. As a kid you want to go play with friends, become a shop keeper so you can eat all the sweets, a vet so you can play with all the animals.Definitely not walk from one side of the room to the other.

When did it all change for you? Once we've moved to London in secondary school the thought started to appeal more and a few friends decided to use me as a model for their makeup or clothing lines, that's where I thought let me try this again because I liked the process and the outcome, also watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows and seeing all the super models looking good and of course getting paid for it.

You've got a knack for doing make up? Oh yes. Playing around with makeup is more of a hobby for me that benefits myself at shoots and I know I can sort my self out without relying on MUA's. Unfortunately I cannot do it on others, maybe I haven't had the practise but the heart doesn't lie there to become an MUA. I would do it though on my self for YouTube and for the title of a beauty guru.

What have been the biggest hurdles in blogging? for me would be filming alone. I find the best vloggs are with more people in them, people that know how to film and are not be shy to talk on camera so it's more interesting for the viewer rather than JUST talk to the camera myself. There is are other factors and expensive equipment is one of many, in order to get the viewer interested the quality and the footage should be on point, and with quality comes equipment camera, laptop, software which isn't cheap.

How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as a 'low key' casual/street but formal at times. Most of my wardrobe is in the colour black. I often go all black but sometimes throw in a bit of colour like shoes or hat (1-2 items). I don't like to be loud - that is only once in a blue moon when I want to be seen. Plus I fear to get dirty in any other colour. You'd even find me wearing all black at the club, id leave my hair, make and accessories to complete the look 'less is more' is what i say.

Your go to look? My go to look when I'm out at a shoot or vlogging is definitely all about comfort because when I am out doing either one of these I know it'll be a long day. Perfect outfit would be a casual top, jeggings, hoodie, trainers or if its hot my BYtoriola furrys and depending once again on the weather suglasses or one of my BYtoriola bonnets 'make it more chic, you know'.

Of course what your your favourite BYtoriola product? My favourite BYtoriola product? Definitely a pair of furrys. Which colour? If I had to pick one it would be Navy (dont ask why, I don't really know or maybe Black, White or Grey) I just feel like a kid in a candy store with ALL of the BYtoriola products. That's why it's always a pleasure to work together.

See below for achieved looks.

Muse: Jana aka SoJana | Insta @So_Jana | YouTube JanishaYaass (Click for link)

Bonnets: Tan, Beige Mickey, Camo and Black Leatherette.

Make up: Jana

Photographer: Jana