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Renaming our furrys

So we have decided to give each furry its own unique identity, by renaming some of the furrys we have on offer at present, have a read through and see our new names and why we've decided to make such a drastic change.

This post won't be babbling on too much with the whys, whens and the buts as we felt this article deserved images to best show you the changes, but before we allow you to view our gallery just a quick answer to 'why rename out furrys?' we want each furry to have its own identity to be seen as unique furry rather than just a colour or a style so each name your about to see has been carefully thought of and best represent each furry that is part of the BYtoriola collection, you may even notice a few names which our ToriBabes helped us to pick.

Some names are still the same as we didn't think they needed changing, so you may notice some colours are missing and if you look close enough you may even notice a few new colours in the mix.

Happy Viewing, all changed styles can be found below.