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Stay Neutral Campaign

Stay Neutral; This is a new collection that embodies the different skin tones to human kind from fair skin to dark skin, the BYtoriola team have carefully selected 5 shades that we feel best reflects those colours.

On Friday 17th March 2017, we had the opportunity to work with one of the dopest photographers around MCM London to bring our ideas to life. We started our day early afternoon and worked up till 4pm within this time we captured all that we had briefed the boys on what we wanted to achieve. Our mood board consisted of neutral looks and calm tones, as a footwear brand we really wanted to capture the essence of just that.

We had the opportunity of working with 5 amazing females from modelling to TV to sales, to create the strong images you see below, after oiling down the ladies legs and adding a touch of gold dust we had them take to the stage and really get down to business, the day it self was filled with so many highs as the ladies took direction and made the images their own, as well as MCM London playing with angles and heights to help take the collection to a new level.

Being the first time working with so many shades and only using their legs to recreate the looks BYtoriola was trying to achieve, it was a fun challenge which allowed us to look beyond the traditional outfit or full body photoshoot, and try and create a piece of art with these legs and the beautiful shades they came in.

We wanted images to not only advertised the Stay Neutral collection but also empower all types of skin tones and show the beauty of the shades when they are all bought together as one.

A few words from our models on how they feel about the phrase 'Stay Neutral'

Jana; Staying neutral means to me not taking any sides whether it's opinion wise or even colour wise. - Avoiding conflict, which is exactly the person I am. While "neutral" word it self, makes me think calmness/tranquility. The opposite of making statements on something or being bold.

Heather; Neutral is to be at peace, it is not overpowering and loud but soft and calming.

Yanique; To me stay neutral represents a peaceful state of mind free of unnecessary stresses or responses to issues of conflict.

Vanessa; Neutral to me is humble, tranquility, being gentle and calm as well as all things relaxing.

Pricilla; Stay neutral to me means balance an equilibrium the perfect in between. Not to light, not to dark. Not to harsh & not to soft.

Muse: Jana (@So_Jana) Heather (@Iamheatherjayne) Yanique (@MonikahLee) Vanessa (@2501_x) Pricilla (@CillaPurple)

Footwear styles: Musk, Coco, Nude, Creme furrys, White Mullette and Nude Mullette

Photographer: MCM London | Insta @MCMlondon