Style Differences

Your properly reading the title thinking 'style differences, what the heck' , now we have your attention we feel this is a perfect read for you as a supporter, customer or browser to understand the differences between our style of furrys and what may work better for you should you go ahead and purchase.

Well where do we start then, as you may or may not know we currently have three styles of bases that our furrys are made with Slim fit, Classic and Wide cut, we recently wrote a blog about the wide cut when we first introduced the collection to the brand and why (click to read more) today we are delving deeper into all three, how they differ from one another and what is the best style for you as a reader.

Slim Fit | This style is very very narrower and has a much longer strap so a lot more of your toes are covered, this style is almost like a peep toe furry, this style is not true to size and may even require you to come 2 sizes. These furrys give you a dainty look and are the lightest in weight from the three. How it differs? the base of the slim fit is 0.5cm thick and the strap is 6cm length.

Classic | Although this style is not labelled as a standard fit in the size guide of the product, its the only style where its advised 'go up a size if you have wide feet' as we found that this particular style of furry has a more narrow look to it, not so bulky and it some what has a slight elegant look to it, this style was the very first style we used when BYtoriola first launched and its why we see it as our classic style, this style can be on the narrower side for ladies with feet which may cause discomfort but length wise they are true to size. How it differs? the base of the classic style is 1cm thick and the strap is 4.5cm length.

Wide Cut | This particular style is its own collection labelled 'Wide Cut' so its pretty easy to find online and although the title 'Wide Cut' makes it self explanatory we will still break down the style. The base of the wide cut is a lot wider than the other 2 styles, and is cut exactly like a pool slider, we found the base a lot bulkier and a little lighter in weight, this style has a wider overall look, this style is perfect for ladies with wide feet although they are wide the length is a bit of a nusiance so you may still need to go up a size. How it differs? it has a 1cm thick base but is indented so your foot is cupped in the sole of the slider and the strap is 5.5cm length.

With all the styles we have available online its clearly stated in the product description but also please do read the size guide as it will state below the size chart the size guidelines and advise.

See below for close ups and suggested looks for each style of furry.